Usage Regulations of the Robbe & Berking Yachting Heritage Centre Library


The mission of the library is to collect literature pertaining to yachting, to archive, to catalogue and to make the available media accessible to the public.

Opening hours

The Robbe & Berking Yachting Heritage Centre Library is accessible during the opening hours of the exhibition. No usage or entry fee is charged. The books are issued following registration.

Additional regulations will be made known by notices in the library and online.


All private individuals and legal entities, who comply with these usage regulations are authorised to use the library. Children under the age of 7 may enter only when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. By entering the library or by making use of its services, the user accepts the usage regulations.


Coats, umbrellas, portfolios, bags (incl. laptop cases), packages and other similar items are not allowed in the library.

Personal books may be brought into the reading areas, but they are to be voluntarily shown to the entry personnel upon entering and leaving.

Users shall refrain from disruptive behaviour in the library, shall not impede the operation of the library and shall treat library property (incl. the collections and the furnishings) with care. Users are obligated to comply with the regulations listed here, as well as any instructions given by library personnel.

The user is responsible for any damage or loss of library materials that occurs during use. In the case of damage or loss, the user must either replace the item or compensate its value within a reasonable time.

In the interests of everyone, the reading area must be kept as quiet as possible. Mobile phone use is therefore not tolerated. Food and drink may not be taken into this area. Smoking is also prohibited.

Animals are not allowed in the library.

Right of inspection

For the security of the collections, employees of the library are authorised to check the official ID of every user, as well as view the contents of any papers, bags or similar allowed into the library.

Library personnel are authorised to give instructions to users. Any such instructions must be complied with. Persons who disrupt library operations after warnings have been given or who do not follow instructions given by library personnel may be asked to leave the library areas.

Exemption from liability

The library / the Yachting Heritage Centre is not responsible for damages occurring from incorrect, incomplete or delayed services, or for damages to items brought along into the library.


An entry in the User Book is required for authorisation to use the collections.


The library information desk offers information either verbally, written and by telephone. Estimating the value of books is not one of the library's responsibilities.


The book collection is freely accessible.

For the entire collection, the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is available to users and researchers who wish to search electronically for books and periodicals.


Copies can be made on behalf of users in the form of scans. Only items belonging to the library may be copied. Whole books may only be copied within the dictates of the copyright. The user is responsible for adhering to the copyright law, personal law and other laws.


Because of its status as a reference library, none of the items in the collection may be loaned out.

Libri rari (rare books)

Hand-written manuscripts, old prints, rare and historic maps have a special value.

You can assist in their conservation by treating the materials with the greatest care.

For this reason, we ask you to read and observe the following rules.

  1. A separate library ticket must be filled out upon every visit to this collection.
  2. For your notes, use only a pencil or a laptop.
  3. If you wish to leave your place for a longer period of time, please return the item first.
  4. Please inform employees immediately of any damage, whether already existing or caused by you.