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Carlo Riva - Myth And Legend
(* 24 February 1922  t 10 April 2017)

In 1842 Carlo Rivas grandfather Pietro starts his own business with a small shipyard at lake Iseo in Sarnico, Italy. Shortly afterwards most of the local fishermen lose their main source of income because a heavy storm is destroying their boats. The young boat builder performs a miracle and repairs most of the boats reliable within a short time. That inspires confident of those fishermen and Pietro Riva thus lays the foundation of a long and successful history of the yard. Given from father to son in 1950 Carlo takes over in the 4th generation. From an early age Carlo is impressed by fast and elegant boats like his father was. Riva now becomes a synonym for elegance and perfection and - within the years of the economic miracle in the 1950’s - a status symbol for the high society.

In 1954 Carlo Riva builds a brand new and hypermodern factory next to the old shipyard. His dream is to construct the best boats in the world in series as only the car and airplane industries are doing in those days. In this new workshop with a lot of windows and daylight he is now able to do so. Constantly optimizing his products Riva soon become the benchmark in boatbuilding. Mahogany of the best provenance, greatest care even for the smallest details, unsurpassed boatbuilding and finally the unique and elegant lines make Riva a must have and an object of desire.

In 1999 Riva boats join the Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup for the first time. In the same year the Riva Club Germany as a section of the Riva Historical Society arises.